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Mateusz Dudkiewicz - Freelancer IT Expert Team Leader Developer Cybersecurity Trainer

Freelancer & IT Expert

About me

Professional computer scientist, amateur electronic engineer, licensed pilot, not the best guitarist...

Key specialization areas

·Administration and support of various IT environments
·WebApps security management
·Trainings, lectures, mentoring in the area of IT
·Troubleshooting of complex technical problems
·Design and implementation od personalized solutions
·Leadership for teams and projects
·Tasks automation
·(W)LAN and WAN networks

Professional strategy

Every challenge is an opportunity to broaden horizons.
It's not possible to know absolutely everything - especially in rapidly developing sector of technology. But awareness of those changes, attitude, ability of quick learning and willingness to reach the impossible, makes you an expert.
It's not a problem if you don't own the knowledge you need - it's a challenge. The more challenges you undertake, the better expert you become.
"Because the world should be constantly inspired by yourself. Unless you want to be a burden to it?"


In my free time, I devote myself to my passions. The most important of them is aviation - as an airplane pilot PPL(A), I develop myself in that. I like also sport shooting. Furthermore, I am involved in motorboats, DJing, automotive, electronics, guitar, judo and spiders. For evenings with friends I am happy to choose billiards or board games.


I've gained my professional skills during studies, practices and work in many companies.

Experience in:

·BEC Poland
·Emagine (ProData)
·Citi Bank
·Agito.pl / Emag.pl
·Live-IT (Freelance)
·Finder S.A. (Webfleet)
·Efect (Phinance)
·Security Agency PAO S.A.

Chosen projects:

·WebBanking environemnt security hardening
·Design and implementation of intranet search engine
·Automation of post-project checklists
·Automation scripts
·Remote-Controlled lighting (WiFi)
·Design and deployment of Network infrastructure
·Toolbox (VB.NET) office app
·Implementation of WebApps/Web Shops.
·Translations of apps to Polish
·VoIP telephony implementation


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